Profit for Non-Profit

We Promote Environmentally Friendly Agricultural Products

Founding Fu Shan Grange

Fu Shan Grange started in 2008. Our mission is to promote friendly farming environments and work with farmers who share the love for this land we share.

Our Mission

We promote Taiwanese farmers to pursue “sustainable farming”, increase the farming area, efficieny, and protect our
citizens’ food safety and automony.

Profitable Farms

Promoting the economy of small village and farm is our mission. We want to keep reasonable profit with the farming village, promoting earth-friendly farming to more people.

About Fu Shan Grange

Fu Shan is a very mysterious place.

Since the a long time ago, no matter which direction you are coming from,

Without special equipment and cars, it is extremely difficult to get here.

For this reason, Fu Shan has been preserving its land without pollution really well.

Our goal is to make farming in Taiwan more friendly for the environment.

  • Fu Shan Grange

    Fu Shan Villiage has about 600 people. 80% of the population are the native people. Similar to other natives, the residents here are facing hugh challenges, such as slow economy, low job placement rates, drugs and alcohol abuse, and a lack of resource for education. Here, the kids are very smart, but there is no support to keep the kids in school. Attending university is a very common practice in Taiwan, but inside the village, there are only two university students. For this reason, in 2006, the Principle of Fu Shan Elementary School started this cause to make Fu Shan a better place for kids and education through the help of the farmers, consumers and volunteers.

  • Local Farmers

    According to a survey report in 2010, there is only a 32% rate of utilizing our own local agricultural produce by Taiwanese locals. It has been a problem for a long time that the Taiwanese agricultural industry has been ignored. The industry is dire for help. This is why it is extremely important for social enterprises to find a way to work with the farmers to make the industry more sustainable.

  • Locavore Concept

    Fu Shan Grange promotes the concept of Locavore, which means eating local and living local. No matter you are a grower or breeder, our goal is to promote these produce from environmental friendly farms to more people. At the same time, we would like to ensure the producer also receives its proper share of profit. In addition, we consult and support more farmers to join the mission of growing organic products.